New Graduates of the PhD Program 2012
Hooding Dr. Carly McCord August 2013
Tom Witty, University of Missouri, 1994
Mike McCullough and Charissa Camp, VCU, Richmond 1993
Captain Aaron Resch, Ph.D., USAF
Azor Hui, Ph.D., graduation, May 2009 UAB
Students and Colleagues Summer 2011
Students and Colleagues Summer 2011


Graduate Courses

I teach several courses in the counseling psychology doctoral program at TAMU, including:


Undergraduate Courses

I do not teach undergraduates in my current position. However, in past positions I enjoyed teaching several undergraduate courses, including:  

  • Social Psychology
  • Psychology and Aging
  • Stress and Its Management
  • Psychology of Religious Experiences
  • Introduction to Psychology


Research Teams

Currently I supervise students in four areas that relate to my ongoing research program and to the needs and opportunities of the training program.  

  • Studying Trajectories of Adjustment following Acquired Disability and Trauma.  Several advanced doctoral students are analyzing data from the Injury Control Research Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  I also collaborate with Dr. Ann Marie Warren at the Baylor Health Care system in Dallas to examine trajectories of adjustment following treatment at the Baylor Level One Trauma Center.   Advanced students are involved in this project.
  • Rural Mental Health Service Delivery.  This is a joint venture between our department and the Center for Community Health Development at the School of Rural Public Health and the Brazos Valley Health Partnership.   The project has steadily expanded from offering videoconferencing counseling services to a rural health in Leon County to the newly-funded Telehealth Counseling Clinic (TCC) located on the Health Science Center campus.   The TCC provides mental health services to several rural clinics in the Brazos Valley.  Advanced doctoral students work as graduate assistants, providing these services, and other students also participate -- all earn valuable, supervised clinical practice hours in the process.  Several students participate in research projects that examine effectiveness of counseling services and other related issues.
  • Rural Mental and Behavioral Health Issues.  Working with colleagues at the Center for Community Health Development several of my students study various psychological and health issues reported by residents throughout the Brazos Valley, conducting secondary analyses of survey data collected by the CCHD.
  • Resilience and Adjustment.   Currently, a team of students -- AKA "Team Resilience" -- are applying modeling techniques to secondary data sets to examine the mechanisms through which trait resilience faciltiates adjustment under routine and stressful conditions.  Several dissertations are involved.